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Our tension fabric display structures are ideal to present a polished, professional appearance with minimal effort. Find the display solution right for you! These portable displays are available in three collections, including Essential & Lite (economy), Master (mid-range), Designer (premium), and the popular HopUp providing an option for every budget.

Formulate® Essential & Lite

Displays combine easy-to-assemble, customary frame features and printed fabric graphics for impactful displays that set up quickly! Essential displays are available in tabletop, 8ft and 10ft inline options, and feature simple aluminum tube frames that connect with bungee cords. Finished with pillowcase fabric graphics that slip over the frame, these displays are a low-cost, wow-inducing solution.Formulate Lite displays are simple, portable and set up in 5 minutes or less! The lightweight aluminum frame assembles with simple push-button connectors. Simply stretch the fabric graphic over the corners and an impressive backwall is complete.

Formulate® Master

8ft, 10ft and 20ft backwalls combine simplicity and style for an ideal display solution. Available in a variety of styles including straight, vertical curved, horizontal curved and serpentine curved, the options to choose from are extensive.Tube frames easily assemble with the use of push-button or spigot connectors; graphics simply slide over the frame and zipper for closure. Displays can be accented with display lighting, Master Backwall Accents, counters, kiosks and more. Browse Master kits with various accessories to find the display solution that's right for your needs!

Formulate® Designer

As the premium line in the Formulate® fabric display collection, Designer features unique angles, features and stylistic elements making them modern and sophisticated exhibit solutions. Available in 10ft, 20ft and 30ft inline backwalls, the Designer series couples lightweight aluminum tube frames with push-fit SEG and zipper pillowcase fabric graphics for a clean, stylish appearance.Many Designer portable display kits come with unique accessories, including monitor mounts, graphic accents and fabric canopies. This adds dimension to the display and provides an opportunity for multi-media messaging, allowing you to easily connect to your audience in any environment. Explore the wide variety of appearances, accents and sizes available today!

Hopup™ Tension Fabric

Available in a variety of sizes ranging from tabletop to full height 5ft, 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 30ft wide backwalls and are offered in straight and curved frame options. Combining style and speed, the Hopup's integrated Tension Fabric graphic makes it the fastest and one of the easiest displays on the market. The Hopup is one of the most dynamic and popular large-format graphic displays due to its combined maximum impact and minimal effort. Simply expand the collapsible silver frame and you have a fast and impactful display; the graphic comes pre-attached to the frame.